Our Team

Our Coaches and Advisors

Gunjan Sinha
Chairman, OpenGrowth & Executive Chairman of MetricStream
Shellye Archambeau
Board Member, Nordstrom,
Verizon, Roper Technologies and Okta
Dr. Ramesh Raskar
Associate Professor at
MIT Media Lab
Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta
Policy Maker & Author
Steven M. Ferguson
Special Advisor, NIH Office
of Technology Transfer
David Scott
Strategic Advisor OpenGrowth
Mike Rose
Managing Director, Montage Capital

Our Entrepreneurs and Team Members

Aakash Prasad
Founder & CEO, Design Everest
Akriti Verma
Co-founder, Director - OpenGrowth Academy
Brittany Sturla
CEO & Co-Founder, My Family Lounge
Danielle Coyle
Business Development Manager
Executive Vice President -
Business Development at OpenGrowth
Dr. Jessica Evert, M.D.
Executive Director, CFHI.org
Prakash Jain
Partner, OpenGrowth.AI
Priya Nath
Director, Community Operations
Riya Sinha
Founder, Fuzia
Robin Young
Managing Director, CFHI.org
Shraddha Varma
Co-founder, Director - Fuzia
Tajni Diller
Accounting Manager, OpenGrowth.finance
Utsav Mukherjee
Director - Business Operations, DesignEverest.com
Vikas Sharan
CEO, Regalix


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