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OpenGrowth Ventures is a venture incubation company helping entrepreneurial teams build lasting companies. We take a thoughtful, focused approach to Venture creation - developing each venture with great detail and care, thereby amplifying the chances of business success and social impact.
Our ventures are done in true partnership with entrepreneurs, where we bring our entrepreneurial talent, strategic insights, financial support, and resources to the mix. At OpenGrowth Ventures, we not only provide financial support but also take keen action in providing a solid backbone to our ventures through strategic advisory and mentorship.

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Our Vision

We strongly believe that a winning product can build up good business. On one hand, where sales, marketing, operations, and partnerships are critical components for a successful venture, incubating a venture at an early stage also plays a vital role in its progress and growth. To become successful, what you need is to conceive and build an amazing product. Subsequently, our incubation focuses mainly on building a great product for a great market.

Helping ensure a strong product that fits the market, Identifying markets and market opportunities that others have not yet seen and defining a product strategy that helps build a winning product is our forte.

We are selective in what we get involved with. But, once we are committed, we stay focused on it for a long period of time, to ensure successful venture incubation and launch.

Do Good, Do Well

We want to be the ‘Hub’ for believing in ‘Do Good-Do Well’’ to create a Hub of content, global partners, change -makers, entrepreneurial teams, software developers, \AI/ML/Data science experts & media professionals - who want to make the world a better place.

There are ample market opportunities for OpenGrowth Ventures to be a trusted ‘Silicon Valley’ innovation partner for our organizations and social entrepreneurs. This can help each of our partner organizations and social entrepreneurs to realize their unique social impact mission, thereby making the world a better place

"Innovation should help billions in the real world not create billions for a few....."

- Gunjan Sinha, Founder

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